This Alien Flame: #STaD 2016 Day Three

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Standard disclaimer and rating:

I don’t own Star Trek
(though a case could be made for it owning me!) In writing these stories, I intend no copyright infringement, and make no monetary profit. They are a tribute, and a celebration.

This story is rated T (teen).

Sexual references hinted at; nothing remotely graphic.

This is a continuation of, and the sequel to my Day One story, "Another Manner of Flame." It’s not necessary to read those stories to understand this drabble - a story told  in only 100 words - although it would add clarity.

This Alien Flame

The scent suffuses every breath. The book and her human  - illogical, indelible temptations.  

Two weeks without meditation, food, or tea. She can scarcely take water. She hungers only for Trip; for answers.  

Sleep promises human caresses, illogical acts not intended for procreation.  Should she seek a healer to cure this madness? Confess her error? Erase Trip, and what his mind held?  

She seizes the book; tearing, revealing. Breath harsh, clutching its scent. Stopped by the image.

Two humans.  


She stares. Blood surges hot with illogical promise.  Shaking fingers pair, reach, daring to touch this alien flame.