Shifting Purposes: July 31, 2016 | shanjeniah's Lovely Chaos

Hey there, ROWers and others!

But first, he had to get them to a point where they could be alone in the same room without destroying the equipment.

Or each other, for that matter.

I’ve only been making it round to my regular snippet-sharing blog hops sporadically this month, and I’ve missed them. That’s probably understandable, given that I’m at the very end of a four-month creative marathon. I’m returning to those communities this week. As a quick warm-up for that, I decided to start with a couple of my favorite lines from my in-progress fan fiction story, “I Don’t Need Sickbay.” I began this as a quick 700 wordish flash fiction for the Word-High July hop, and it’s swelled into nearly 27,000 words, encompassing several of the stories I meant to write, as the result of an utterly unexpected plot development that sent my human engineer and Vulcan scientist off in a different direction that will eventually tie into my existing stories, “Mission Accomplished” and “Scavenger Hunt.”