Test Post #1

I'll probably delete  this later, long before anyone sees it. Or maybe I won't, and it'll be a testament to the learning and growth of this process. 

For now, I may just link up my other blog(s), as I learn how to use this one.  It's all new and kinda scary, this website building, and what it means for me as a writer moving toward a sustainable income in bitty little baby steps, and in fits and starts.

There's a mourning dove outside my window, and everyone's about their own business. Lise is very busy, she says, doing 'nothing in particular' on her bed.  Miah is currently nocturnal, and now, at 4pm, is asleep. Jim's watching a movie in the living room, the cat's looking for food, and  the dog is crashed out on  the cedar chest at the end of the bed.

A moment in my life...